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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  May 21, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> reporter: good morning, it was a great weekend but we have showers which moved in late yesterday, a few of them around this morning. if not raining it might be drizzling at your place. either way the humidity is way up this morning. cloudy outside with even light sprinkles falling at reagan national. 71 by noon and 75 at 5:00. we are looking at a threat for potentially a thunderstorm or two. onshore we have seen showers pop. everything is moving west northwest, you see heavier showers south of town definitely down 95 here from springfield southward through woodbridge prince william looks wet as
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well. monica? >> reporter: -- monika? >> reporter: route 610, authorities are on the scene. you want to be aware of that. if you are planning to head northbound on i-95, beyond that things are fine fro woodbridge into springfield. monday morning volume already has begun on the northbound side with the lanes open. let's go back over to the maps and this time head inside the beltway. if you are planning to use 395 toward the 14th street bridge this is what it is going to look like for you. and we'll take a last look outside and 66 inboundariesal coming in from manassas. coming up in my next report, we'll go over to the west side of town at 5:10. back to you guys. police need your help. they are trying to bring a missing six-year-old boy home. >> he was last seen in columbia heights. who is the little boy, delia? >> reporter: he is jay von
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brown, he is six years old and has been missing since yesterday in this general area, the 1300 block of columbia road. police have set up a command post of sorts, they have been scouring the area, talking to his family ever since he went missing and now, they need your help. take a close look at this picture, this is six-year-old six-year-old -- jay von brown. a young black boy, 3'4", weighing 45 to 50 pounds, medium complexion and a slim build. he was last seen in the 1300 block of columbia road wearing a green t-shirt layered on top of a white t-shirt. he had blue jeans and red and black shoes on. anyone with information on the whereabouts of jay von brown are urged to wall police
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immediately at 202-727-9099 or you can simply dial 911. just looking at that young boy's picture and that sweet smile on his face, you know there are some family members who are very scared and very nervous this early hour, and hoping that police and maybe someone out there will be able to help bring jay von home. the very latest here in columbia heights, back to you. montgomery county police are investigating an apparent murder suicide? silver -- in silver spring. the bodies of a 49-year-old man and his 39-year-old wife were found on colgate way. both bodies showed signs of trauma and a note was left in the home. the couple's names have not been released. the search on for three robbers near the university of maryland. a man with a gun flagged down the victim early yesterday. the gunman then forced the
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driver to go to stanford street where two other men got into the vehicle. then they robbed the driver. prince george's county police are seeking tips in the case. and a prince george's county police officer is free on his own recognizance, while the state's attorney investigates his dui arrest. police say officer daniel gonzalez crashed his marked police cruiser early saturday morning on route 1. according to police, officer gonzalez had a breath alcohol level of .13. he was off-duty at the time. the naacp voted saturday to support gay marriage, which adds more tension to the debate in maryland right now. that is where lawmakers have approved same sex marriage and since then, parents say they have talked to their children about accepting gay couples. >> we are fine with it.
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maybe it will make other people be more open to it. >> the issue is, if you are going to say what the standard is based on the lens of scripture, then it has to be, for them, pretty cut and dried, straightforward and that is why there is such a strong divide. >> but some black pastors say the opinion is not going to sway them. time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> here's jessica with a look at the day ahead on wall street. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. wall street can't escape this european debt crisis. the damage has been pretty bad. the dow has dropped 11 out of the past 12 trading days. it is now down about 6% so far this month alone. it starts this morning at 12369 after losing 73 points friday.
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nasdaq down by 35. the problems for wall street continue to rest on greece. specifically failing to form a coalition government. the next selection in june is going to serve as a reverend dumb on when greece stays in the euro zone. the major averages are now down to their lowest level since january. the dow has lost 910 points in about two weeks. remember jp morgan's loss of $2 billion. probably a lot bigger. cnn money reports it is probably now in the range of 6 to $7 billion in losses, that is according to several people working on trading desks that specialize in the types of derivatives jp morgan used to make its trades.
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part of the reason why these losses are likely growing has been the market's overall slide. that is where the company and companies were going to get strong and we have only seen the opposite of that. >> the summit will address some of the concerns. >> probably not. >> it is a political year too. >> what do you have the next half hour? >> a big concern for jeep wrangler owners. some centuries old buildings in italy may have to come down soon, all to keep people safe there. >> we'll have the latest in the after mother of a deadly earthquake there, coming up. police hoping to avoid another round of arrests. the nato summit wraps up in chicago. we'll be right back.
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we have a wet morning out there. a lot of drizzle but also really showery weather especially south and southwest of dc. we'll look at that. on doppler 9 hd. on the day planner we are talking about on and off showers. maybe a couple of thunderstorms by noon and highs today in the mid-70s. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. >> reporter: route 50 at route 202 no problems to report as you head for the northeast corridor.
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coming up in my next report another look at area roads at 5:17. back to you guys. aftershocks continue to rattle buildings and the nerves of people in northern italy after a deadly earthquake there yesterday. seven people were killed in a 6.0 tremor and the quake damaged churches and buildings that have been there since medieval times. the bomber convicted in the bombing over lockerbie scotland has died. scotland's government returned him to libya in 2009 when doctors predicted he just had three months to live. police in chicago arrested around 40 protesters outside the nato summit yesterday. four officers were also injured in these clashes did demonstrators. he has presided over his final graduating class. we'll look at the accomplishments of george mason university's departing president coming up at 5:57.
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rg iii will be at the helm as the redskins start today. howard has summer like temperatures in the 7-day forecast. >> driving to school in the morning the kids take
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until you spend $3,000 every year. but have fun. bob and weave once you're in there. don't get short changed. get your cash back. chase freedom. good morning, welcome back to 9news now with 5:13. we are talking about what a great day it was and some of the nice people you met in maryland. i met a really great guy
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yesterday, the sixth opening of the only farmer's market and it was channel 9 day at the market and one of the great people we met at the vendors, vick, this is one of his art pieces. if you go there, look for him and a former channel 9er, hal highway lairntion who does beautiful photography. everybody was pleased with your forecast hours. >> worked great. saturday it was great, sunday it was great. >> if we are going to get the rain, get it during the week. >> we are going to have showers today and wednesday. maybe even thursday. the out look for the coming weekend is very warm and dry right now. hopefully that doesn't change. here's a look at your bus stop forecast this monday morning. we have wet weather out there in the form of drizzle and showers. high humidity.
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a little over half an hour. lots of clouds today with occasional showers and a rumble or two of thunder. by noon 791. -- 71. this evening still the threat of a shower or storm. winds northeast or southeast at 5 to 10. we have stuff coming in from the east to the northwest, lots of thunder and lightning offshore. onshore we have showers around. in fact you can see some of the more moderate showers, if you will, down to our southwest. so showers do extend into prince george's county. we have seen lighter ones up to our north. here's doppler 9000. check this out right noi wees of 95 tracking toward 6 -- right now, west of i-75. towardedtoward may that's
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that's sac -- na that's sac -- manassas. off to the west at 30 miles per hour, and usually it is coming from the northwest. fredericksburg is 66 with a 65 at the river naval air station. looking outside all the our michael and son weather camera. low clouds over the capital dome here. east-northeast wind at 13. that will keep the clouds and humidity around. bigger picture, looking at all the moisture up and down the coast. a tiny little storm near jacksonville, florida. >> east early -- eastern flow.
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scattered showers, rumbles of thunder, that will be the case tonight and then again tuesday. we are going to bubble up more showers as we go. trying to get something done outside, you may have to wait a few days, this is not the time to be peeling a roof off. 7, wednesday 80 scattered showers, storms possible. we'll see the storm threat, by friday mid-80s, dry and very warm with highs in the upper 80s. it is 5:17, monika samtani, we have wet streets, that can't be a good thing. >> reporter: no it is not a good thing. we have had several accidents, luckily, as far as i know, nothing major. i'm going to start off with an accident on the north side of town at aspen hill road. it is blocked off until a tow truck gets there.
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now another accident, this one reported on the inner loop of the beltway, exiting at i-95. authorities are headed there as well. i'll type you posted on the inner loop, we'll take a live look outside and here's what it looks like at new hampshire avenue. let's go back over to the maps, this time to the west side. no problems to report coming in from the airport on the dulles toll road. 66 in from manassas. near the american legion bridge. coming up in my next report an update on those accidents. andrea and mike? robert griffin iii gets to work with the redskins later today. coming up in sports. another look at the question of the day now. a recent survey listed this as the one food that americans hate the most. anchovies, ar deans or spin
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nash -- sardines or spinach? >> i say aand b, yuck. i can handle a tad of spinach. >> what do you think? go to our facebook fan page and leave your thoughts. we'll have our answer in the 6:00 hour.
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it is 5:21 on this damp monday morning. it is going to stay humid and damp all day.
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looking at temperatures this morning which will be in the 60s, even through #k. scattered showers here. everything moving to the northwest. by noon 71. still a few showers, mid-60s north of us as we head toward 3:00, 79. still scattered showers. the redskins start their off season training today. >> that was a cool one too. >> reporter: the baltimore orioles hold a slight lead over the nationals all time in the battle of the beltway. this weekend they furthered their distance from the tampa bay rays. the nats pulled out all the stops to avoid the sweep. record crowd on hand to see
5:23 am
stephen strasburg crush his first career homerun. davey johnson and the team were having a little fun. >> p.o. porter came in after and said we found a left fielder. i said yeah, that's great. that was fun. >> but strasburg's big day may have come with a price. johnson revealed he had soreness. he had no idea his ace was hurting. strasburg says it is not that serious, that he is okay. ot a's begin later today, rg iii receiving high praise for his lack of mental mistakes, now in the organized activities, he will be playing with the big boys. those veterans that have already met rg iii are already
5:24 am
impressed. >> i'm behind. i can't wait to see how he develops and grows, he is a rookie. statement at the same time he is going to help us out a lot. >> we have guys coming in we hope can contribute very fast. >> reporter: that is a quick look at sports. have a great monday. coming up, we'll have the latest on the search for a missing six-year-old in the district. plus we are remembering another icon of the disco world this morning. monika? >> reporter: another look at the beltway. on i-95 the accident blocks the left lane. coming up, a metro update as well. you are watching 9news now, stay with us. >> you are telling me this car is just as reliable as the
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mid hide, here's monika samtani -- i'm mike haiduk, here's monika samtani. >> reporter: going to be wet for the next few days. >> nothing failing right now right? >> reporter: oh no it is falling now. quan co-awhile ago. -- quantico, this morning as we start you off, got to tell you, it is wet outside. we have low clouds and where it is not raining raining, it is drizzling and sticky. 67 degrees by 9:00. a slow ride to 71 at noon and 75 at 5:00 with scattered showers and a thunderstorm or two possible t won't be raining constantly but that threat will be with us today thanks to the onshore flow with lots of thunderstorms offshore. we have been watching this
5:29 am
activity from charles county into fairfax, prince william. got a little bit south of annapolis, south of 50. the heavier stuff we are going to folk cuss in on that from fairfax county down into prince william. when you see oranges and reds, that is heavier rains there, this goes back to now oh, justify on the river here, coming out of charles county. so a wet morning south of town, temperatures running in the 60s. this stuff is rack thatting -- tracking up toward 66. over the next 20 to 30 minutes highs eventually into the mid-70s. let's check in with monika samtani. >> reporter: early monday morning and rain rush hour. i think that means you need to give yourself extra time for rush hour this morning. first of all on the north side of town, there is an accident on the inner loop of the beltway on
5:30 am
the ramp to get on to northbound i-95. it is blocking the left lane. keep in mind the outer loop is not affected as you leave the 95 interchange heading toward silver spring. we are going to take a live look at 270. southbound that is fine at route 121. as you can see the roads are wet and volume is building. northbound side of i-95 in virginia and springfield again same story with the wet roads at 5:30 in the morning. we'll go back over to our graphics. escalators are out at foggy bottom about the station is open. coming up we'll update you on the accident north of town. dc police have set up a command center in columbia heights. >> they are looking for a little boy who disappeared yesterday. 9news reporter delia gonzalez is live with more. >> reporter: good morning, since we last spoke to you a half
5:31 am
hour ago we had a chance to speak to several members of the brown family. they are exhausted emotionally and physically. they have been out here on the streets of columbia heights since sunday afternoon, looking for that 6:00-year-old. it is a very tough situation for the family we know that he actually lives in columbia heights in the parking lot where police have set up the command center. we are told by family members he was playing outside, and was last seen at 11:00 a.m. sunday. take a close look at his little smiling face. he is six-year-old jay von brown, a black boy with a medium complexion. 3'4", weighing 45 to 50 pounds, he has brown eyes, black hair and a slim build. last seen in the 1300 block of columbia road sunday morning wearing a green t-shirt, blue jeans and red and black shoes.
5:32 am
we just spoke to his grandmother moments ago, here's what she had to say. >> i came up here at 9:00 to find him and i have been looking since. so i just want him to come home. if anybody have him, if anybody see him, just bring him home. >> reporter: the tearful plea of a grandmother, it is hard to hear and very painful. you can imagine what the family is going through. take another look at that police command center. that is a parking lot between 13th and 14th street on columbia road where little jay von was last seen. the complex where he lives with his mother, the sole guardian in the case. just blocks, steps, in fact from his front door when he went missing. anyone with information is urged to call metropolitan police or dial 911 immediately. back to you, andrea?
5:33 am
mike? >> reporter: today the man whose store became the focus of a 9 wants to know investigation is headed to trial. richard kim is accused of selling alcohol to a minor. our cameras caught underage customers. some told our news crew they had no problem getting alcohol there. a singer from one of the most successful pop groups ever has died. robin gibbs died yesterday. he was 62 years old. gibbs had been fighting colorectal cancer for sometimes and he developed pneumonia just a few weeks ago. as part of the bee gees, barry and robin became part of saturday night fever. but they struggled to break out of their image as a disco
5:34 am
group. >> you can't be wonderful to everybody one minute and terrible to everybody the next. we were pretty well devastated by it. >> reporter: now barry is the only surviving bee gee. after disco faded the brothers split up for other careers. in the 199 0z they were honored with the rock n roll hall of fame. we'll see if the 2012 debt ceiling showdown ends differently from last year's. virginia democratic senator mark warner blamed the tough stance for nearly derailing the economy last summer. >> and the notion with fiscal turmoil going on in europe right now, that he would try to say we are going to draw this bright line again and kind of my way or the highway approach, i think it is incredibly irresponsible.
5:35 am
>> for every dollar that we are borrowing in the future, ought to cut the government by an equivalent dollar is not radical. >> reporter: republican senator lindsey gram says government spending should be curbed first. if lawmakers don't raise the debt ceiling the government is expected to hit its borrowing limits by the end of the year. time, speaking of money for another your money report. >> and jessica is back with stocks by the gas pumps? >> reporter: yeah, gas prices have dropped 6 cents over the past two weeks. the latest survey finds the national average for a gallon of regular now stands at $3.78 a gallon. you can thank dropping crude oil prices. thank you dropping crude oil prices. thank you very much. analysts say if crude oil prices stay where they are and they
5:36 am
don't budge, gas prices could come down another 5 cents. a consumer alert for jeep wrangler drivers. chrysler is recalling nearly 87,000 wranglers in the u.s., canada and elsewhere because they can catch on fire. u.s. safety regulators say this recall only affects wranglers from the 2,000 model year with automatic transmissions. that can spark a fire. chrysler will fix this problem for free. 14 complaints so far. finally a consumer alert for parents of young children. new packets of laundry detergent are making children violently ill. these pods may look like candy and young children have bitten into them and swallowed them. of course if you use these, be
5:37 am
sure they are securely put away in your house if you have young children. >> i hate that. it has my daughter's name written all over it. >> exactly. thanks jess. so jess is going to catch her breath and she will be back momentarily with daily deals after the break. still ahead, the ajen vengers -- the avengers
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well, we have light rain falling here in northwest. umbrellas rain gear and a damp morning with showers. if not raining, it is probably drizzling where you are. looking at our day planner, it will be a damp day in the sense we are going to have a threat for showers. by noon 71. highs today in the mid-70s, might even have an occasional thunderstorm passing through. i'll be back in five minutes with the rest of your 7-day photograph. right now, here's monika with
5:40 am
timesaver traffic. another accident on the northbound side of the gw parkway at this time. slippery road conditions this morning on the beltway west side of town traffic is moving well across the river. coming up in my next report another update on area roads. back to you. thank you monika i have been combing through the daily deals and here are some of my big favorites on this monday morning. we are bowling with living social. pay $20 and get $40 on bowling. at bowl more lanes in bethesda. this is one of the more popular deals on the site right now. what is cooking at target? a big deal on a stainless steel 10 piece pots and pans set. this is 25% off, free shipping the price right now $1414.99. you like bacon? you love bacon. this deal is you are going to
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spend 20 bucks and get $45 of bacon infused candy. we are talking bacon cookies, bacon brownies, chocolate-covered bacon strips. shut up there is limited availability for this deal if you are a local merchant, i would love to hear from you. andrea and mike? thank you jess. nato leaders talked inside, police arrested dozens of protesters outside. we'll have more on that, coming up. from the midwest across the pacific, one of the cities got a fantastic view of this range of firee clips -- range of firee clips
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. 5:45 this morning. look at this, millions of people watched a rare range of fire solar eclipse last night. this is what it looked like in tokyo, japan. it was visible through most of asia and the u.s. >> look at that. that is a great view. 2017 we get a chance to see an eclipse around here. >> even if we hadn't had clouds. >> chicago west. >> the last part of the video is why they call it the range of fire eclipse. >> depending on where the moon
5:46 am
is, sometimes it will mostly block it. it didn't completely block it so you are left with that range of fire. >> so sharp. >> very, very cool. >> ufo believers are like oh. >> i'm a rain gear believer for a day like today. the threat of showers maybe thunder will be with us all day. in fact i think the next three to four days look rather unsettled around here. here's a look outside to start you off this morning. the bus stop forecast, we do have some showers around, drizzle as well. it is sticky, muggy, temperatures in the 60s, sunrise in about five minutes, i don't think we'll see any sunshine today with lots of clouds, occasional showers with rumbles of thunder. winds northeast to southeast 5 to maybe 10 miles per hour, not that windy but certainly on the
5:47 am
humid side, we have been watching the moisture come in from the cease to the northwest. maybe toward central jersey right now. we have a bunch of showers passing west of dc. some of that has extended east of town. i want to take you on to doppler 9000. the leftiest stuff by far. coming in 50 from annapolis. fairfax county especially along and south of 66. arlington you have a hefty shower right over. from manassas extending toward woodbridge. charles county, that is what you saw in the last hour moving up toward the north and west, southern louden headed your way
5:48 am
as well. your temperatures, well it is muggy out, temperatures fairly uniform between 69 and 66 this morning. pick your spot. clouds surrounding the capital this morning. temperatures 66 with light rain and an east northeast wind at 13 miles per hour. we have a front in the middle of the country and a tropical storm, our first of the season. hurricane season doesn't begin until june 1st. this is alberto, a tiny lyle guy, we are watching this moisture come onshore. that is the case for the next few days, as we look at the catastrophe, today scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm, 75. ton we are back in the 60s with a few more showers. tomorrow mostly cloudy, wednesday mostly cloudy a few showers and storms 80. thursday a few showers and storms 80. but by friday lesser activities. the weekend looks pretty good.
5:49 am
hopefully that doesn't change. what do i tell my tennis lady about clinic today? >> tough. can you play on a damp court? >> clinic lady, no tennis today. the roads have been wet and that has meant we have had several minor accidents. we are going to start off with a look first of all on the north side of town where you have quite a bit of traffic right now. 34 miles per hour trying to get into urbana. here at route 21 the pace does pick up heading down to the point where the lanes divide. now another live picture, american legion bridge is fine. the ramp to the inner loop where there is always an accident. authorities will end with a live look, northbound 95, several slow stretches, quantico
5:50 am
woodbridge into spring feed. entrance escalators are closed at foggy bottom but the station is open. back to you guys. making news now at 5:50. ongoing conflicts in syria. clashes erupted in beirut and other city towers after a cleric and the bodyguard were shot dead. a former rutgers university student found guilty of hate crimes in his roommate's death will be sentenced today. he secretly filmed tyler clemente's sexual encounter with another man. robby could get up to ten years in prison. dissident chen arrived in the u.s. every the weekend -- over the weekend.
5:51 am
he escaped last month to the u.s. embassy in beijing. police clashed with protesters, arresting more than 40 people i don't meanwhile leaders worked on a plan for withdrawing troops from afghanistan after more than a decade of conflict. protesters charged police, and police fought back. four officers were injured in the clashes, and more than 40 demonstrators were arrested. >> if that is what they wanted, to get arrested, so be it. they could say a salted a cop. >> more demonstrations are expected today as nato officials wrap-up their meetings in chicago. >> at the top of nato's agendas is the war in afghanistan. president obama's goal to keep member countries from pulling troops out before the 2014 deadlines. >> we will stand together united in our determination to complete this mission.
5:52 am
>> but france plans to do just that. french president francois hollande says it will complete its withdrawal by the end of the year. nato plans to wrap-up combat operations a year early. but general john allen, head of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan warned troops may still be needed to fight. >> the taliban have been unambiguous, in that they intend to take advantage of the removal of the search forces. today the heads of the nato countries will decide how they support afghanistan after the troops withdraw in 2014. perhaps just as important. >> in these difficult economic times, we can work together and pool our resources. >> who will pay for the mission. susan mcginniss cbs news washington. now to something lighter. another big action movie tried to blow the avengers out of first place at movie theaters.
5:53 am
but no such look. it grossed $55 million in ticket sales this weekend. the worldwide total for the film is now $1.18 billion. battleship had a disappointing north american opening weekend with just over $25 million. the dictator debuted in third place. and dark shadows came in fourth and a third new film? a third film debuting this weekend, what to expect when you are expecting rounds out the top five. coming up the owner of a local liquor store accused of selling alcohol to teenagers goes to trial today. plus the maine man who built george mason into virginia's largest university. jessica? >> reporter: college kids may be making the grade with academics. but not with financial know
5:54 am
how. we'll telling you what they need to know about credit cards so they don't get in trouble. you are watching 9news now
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5:56 am
it is a damp morning. we have drizzle and showers out there and with a flow out of the east and the southeast, we are going to see showers at times come across the region. by noon 71. this afternoon we should make it into the mid 70s with maybe a
5:57 am
peek of sun southeast. thank you howard. as college graduation season winds down one local university is losing the president. george mason university is losing dr. al morton. >> reporter: george mason university graduating students have been part of a whirl wind of change with more than 33,000 students. the rapid growth came about 16 years ago when dr. allen martin took the helm. >> we had to take chances, take risks at the university. second we had to take advantage of our location. location, location, location. >> he hired the right people, started new programs and built
5:58 am
new facilities. we have built probably $1.5 billion worth of buildings. >> he has had a friendly touch, a wide smile and trademark white hair. he has friends all over the world, pictures with the president, maggie thatcher and moon walking astronaut alan shepherd. this chair came after mason beat connecticut i point at a chair and said that is my lucky chair. the next day he was sitting here. >> reporter: he wants his legacy to be eye culture of inknow -- a culture of innovation. >> he puts so much energy into the community. >> it was an honor to talk with him about how he got where he is. >> reporter: he says the
5:59 am
changes came because they made progress every day. >> we just said we are getting better today and tomorrow maybe tomorrow you'll be on our side but we'll get better today. dr. angel cabrera takes over from phoenix, arizona. we say good morning and thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. happy monday, i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike haiduk. mr. bernstein starts it off with weather first. >> reporter: didn't we do this last monday? >> that is okay. my new dogwood tree is loving this. >> reporter: this coming weekend, looks good. but kind of dreary out there. rainshowers, 71 by noon. 75 for the drive home. not going to rain all day, but the threat of


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